Inspired by Haiku @ Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran, 2007

Inspired by Haiku

The essence of Haiku is the unification of the poet and the subject of the poem, viewer and the viewed, human consciousness and a singular
experience and identification with nature, all through an extremely spare use of language and imagery. In its greatest success, a moment of pure being, of every day life or a glimpse of nature, is translated to the reader through these devices. A single image in juxtaposition brings depth, complexity and a profound richness of meaning — delicate flower against late winter ice, tired feet in a cool stream, full moon…

It is these exceptional qualities of Haiku that invited this search for a correspondent visual expression in the sculptural medium. This series, “Inspired by Haiku,” is built around organic forms drawn from nature. Water, wood, earth, air, fire and stone are distilled into essential forms, with each piece using these textures and shapes to elicit a contemplative moment in the viewer. These moments of perception are deepened in the relation of each work to the other and how they all exist within a broader space.

The sculptures are all one of a kind, made of Aluminum through the process of sand casting.

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