Even Gray Feels Blue, Short Animated Film, 2012

Single Track HD Video
Mixed-Media Stop Motion Animation
8 Minutes

No one speaks;

Nothing to say;
Nothing to teach.

Silence is truly the best speech!
– Poem by Ahmad Shamlou, Translated by: Maryam Dilmaghani

“Even Gray Feels Blue” investigates the nature of melancholia and solitude, translating these most intimate and deeply personal feelings into their aesthetic essences. The echoes of the individual move into collective realities. Sorrow becomes social malaise.

The film avoids the structure of story and narrative, built instead as a musical composition, creating an ambiguous psychic space for the viewer to enter. The images have been created in conversation with a composition, The last Turn, by the Iranian master Oud player Negar Bouban, based on “Shabaneh,” a poem by Ahmad Shamlou. Even Gray Feels Blue edited and composited by digital master Harold Moss. Both music and image utilize repetition to create a trance-like dynamic, intensifying the emotional resonance by tapping into memories as individual history and an act of collective remembrance.

Video Installation
Even Gray Feels Blue
Kook Gallery 2013


Sculpture installation
Even Gray FEels Blue
Kook Gallery 2013



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