Cycles of Lambent Frequencies @ Festival of Light, New York, 2013

Cycles of Lambent Frequencies

Cycles of Lambent Frequencies is a projection mapping of Negin’s interactive animation selected for the first Festival of Light in SoHo, New YOrk City.

Project Statement:
Animists recognize the spirit of life in every object—a blade of grass, a stone, a brick in a wall. In every nook and cranny,against every wall, life finds its way towards growth and transformation. In this installation, I am taking advantage of light and the technology of projection mapping to reveal to our eyes this magic inside nature in all its manifestations. The sort of magic one imagines transpiring in a clearing hidden deep in the woods, late at night when no humans eyes are there to witness, is instead
seen on a wall in SoHo.

A stone face of some ancient deity hangs on a brick wall in the darkening evening. Suddenly, the eyes open. Light flows from her mouth. All the seasons of the year break out at once, sped impossibly up. Green things grow from below. Leaves fall and are
blown about. The eyes look around, taking in this explosion of life. Mythic images layer on top of this great fecundity. The light and sounds from all this activity are thrown from the wall to the space around, encapsulating the viewers within this magical

As in nature, no sooner is this frenzy reached, then it begins to recede. New growth falls back into the earth. Leaves settle and are absorbed. The eyes grow sleepy, and the light begins to fade. Sleep overcomes the wall, and darkness returns, only to begin the
cycle again.

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