Beyond the Sense of Breaking @ DePaul Universiry Museum, Chicago, 2009

Beyond the Sense of Breaking, is a solo performance in response to the exhibition, Iran Inside Out.
The performance took place at the museum’s exhibition surrounded by all the art works.

Beyond the Sense of Breaking, explores how individuals construct self-definitions within traditional societies as those societies define themselves through their own conflicted emergence into modernity. She mirrors the combination of constructive and destructive processes that go towards the making of every identity—whether of a person, a city or a culture.

Beyond the Sense of Breaking is both installation and choreographed performance piece. The artist interacts with a sculptural element evoking traditional Iranian/Persian architecture, accompanied by a recording of a traditional vocal chant from her ancestral home, Bushehr, in Southern Iran.

Created and Performed by Negin Sharifzadeh (Moss)
Art Directed: Bryan Saner
Sound designer: Hamid Saeedi
Video documentation: Tony Rizzo
Card Design: Hamid Rahmanian

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