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What’s Happening Around Brooklyn? #Exhibtions, #Food, #Film


I’ve just eaten at this amazing restaurant, Forrest Point, literally half an hour ago! I had such a great experience that I couldn’t wait longer to write about it.
Forrest Point recently opened up in Bushwick, right on Flushing by Bogart Street.

The menu consists of Mediterranean food and a great mix of international Cuisine.
I can guarantee the best Hummus you can eat in the whole of New York. Being a middle-eastern myself, I can emphases it is way better than your mama’s home made Hummus!

Don’t miss out on their creative cocktail menu. Definitely try their Milk Punch. It’s a 3 day process to make. They conserve fruits in alcohol for two days and on the third day they add hot milk to the punch. The milk will then bring out all the flavors and the fruit textures. The result is a well blended, sweet fruit punch that just blends perfectly with the autumn weather and breeze.

I also enjoyed the interior design of the space. The light fixtures and light pendents were designed off of found objects such as cages that were tastefully welded onto and into metal works and beautifully done fare forgés.

The bartender and the waiters were so nice, be certain you will be taken care of with such great service and gentleness, again unique to this place.

Please check below for more information on Forrest Point and definitely stop by!

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